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Fall 2020: Working

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz et al., Book by Stephen Schwartz & Nina Faso

This new 2012 version of Working is a musical exploration of 26 people from all walks of life. While most of the professions have been updated, the show's strengths are in the core truths that transcend specific professions; the key is how people's relationships to their work ultimately reveal essential aspects of their humanity, regardless of the trappings of the job itself. The show, still set in contemporary America, contains timeless truths. This new version of Working allows the audience to get a rare glimpse of the actors and technicians, working to put on a show. This raw adaptation only enhances the realistic and relatable nature of the subject matter.

This filmed production was produced while observing all federal, state, and University guidance in regard to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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