Fall 2014: The Producers

Music and Lyrics by Mel Brooks, Book by Thomas Meehan

The story concerns two theatrical producers who scheme to get rich by overselling interests in a Broadway flop. Complications arise when the show unexpectedly turns out to be successful.



Ben Andre

Will Ashe

Anna Barr

Brittany Bolick


Nicole Chaney


Olivia Cosby


Wesley Diener


Stephen Diggs

Peyton Evans


Andrew Fernandez


Mariana Gonzalez


Josh Gritz



Joey Hamilton


Grayson Harlow

Daniel Kingsley

Jess Littman


Jack Nugent

Isaac Park


Natalie Pernick

Kristen Riordan


Katie Rogers

(Dance Captain)

Jordan Rothwell


Emily Sakowitz


Paul Sanders


Ana Grethel Solis 

Soctt, O’Riley, Convict #4, Ensemble

Sabu, Prison Trustee, Ensemble

Franziska Liebkind

Foreman of the Jury, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble

Hold-Me-Touch-Me, Follies Girl, Ensemble

Lick-Me-Bite-Me, Follies Girl, Ensemble

Lead Tenor Stormtrooper, Bryan, Convict #1, Ensemble

Leo Bloom

Usherette, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble

Chorus Girl, Village Person, Jason, O’Rourke, Ensemble

Court Stenographer, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble

Village Person, Donald, Ticket Taker, Stormtrooper Rolf, Convict #2, Ensemble

Accountant Soloist, Village Person, Stalin, Convict #3, Ensemble

Max Bialystock

Roger DeBris

Shirley, Old Lady, Follies Girl, Ensemble

Carmen Ghia

Kevin, Churchill, O’Houllihan, Ensemble


Jack LaPidus, Gunter, Stormtrooper Mel, Old Lady, Ensemble

Sergeant, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble

Usherette, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble

Kiss-Me-Feel-Me, Follies Girl, Ensemble

Mr. Marks, Village Person, Roosevelt, Guard, Ensemble

Judge, Chorus Girl, Old Lady, Ensemble












Alto Saxophone









Jonathan Yang

Maddie Miles

Stefan Petit-Freres

Emily Kline

Nicole Moon

Will Dickinson

Fiona Dale

Devin Garcia

Tanya Akl

Adam Naidorf

Leanne Poussard*

Rachel McConaughy

Devon Evans

Wes Gobar

Duke Hallman

Keenan Sochor

Clarence Washington

Cat Gamboa

Joe Fitzsimmons

Joseph Schefer 


*flute and piccolo

Head Set Designer

Assistant Set Designer

Assistant Technical Directors




Stage Managers


Master Carpenter

Assistant Carpenters


Head Lighting Designer

Assistant Lighting Designers


Master Electrician

Assistant Electricians


Head Painters


Assistant Painters


Sound Designers



Sound Managers



Head Costumer

Assistant Costumers



Head Hair and Makeup Designer

Assistant Hair and Makeup

Props Mistresses


Run Crew Chiefs 

David Silverman

Emma Callahan

Sean Lyons

Erin DeMane

Caitlin Muir

Caroline Werenskjold

Hannah Hicks

Olivia Tate

Zach Wilson

Patrick Bond

Alex Richardson

Quinn Gomola Mullin

Nancy-Wren Bradshaw Chloe Downs

Jackson Simon

Olivia Comm

Andrew Shanes

Nora Walls

Rachel Taylor

Emma Larson

Rachel Steiner

Madi Lahey

Marcus Schmidt

Adrianna Taweel

Erica Comm

Patricia Gallegos Gabriella Greiner

Katherine Donnally

Tori Lindsey

Jaclyn Lund

Jessica Utz

Shelli Hart

Jacqueline Lucente

Rachel Okrent

Jean Salac

Kimberly O’Keeffe

Lenise Tillery 


Assistant Producer

Business Manager

Assistant Business Manager

Publicity Chair

Fundraising Chair

Social Chairs





Alumni Chair


Technical Director

Katie Thompson

Angelica Botlo

Jared Morgan

Victoria Tovig

Natalie May

Melissa Sanford

Vijay Menon

Will Pedrick

Kolya Rabinowitch

Alex Cutting

Maia Foster

Anne Jordan

Roshni Gorur

Ashley Gilroy


Assistant Directors


Movement Director

Vocal Directors


Head Choreographers


Assistant Choreographers


Pit Director

Rishi Malhotra

Andrew Barat

Alexis Greenberg

Mike Giovinco

Elsa Schieffelin

Kevin Zeithaml

Kyle Johnson

Juwan Palmer

Sky Cardwell

Kelsey Keverline

Alexis Cooper




Director's Note: Rishi Malhotra

The Producers is about reaching that peak moment when everything is so good and right that you cannot help but laugh. This moment is when you are on top of the world. It is what we live for, and despite all the obstacles we face in our day-to-day life, the overwhelming sensation of ecstasy when everything clicks into place is completely worth it. When confronted with hardship, the anticipation of that moment alone can be enough to carry us forward. Ever since I began writing the proposal for this production back in March, I have been waiting for the moment when the overture starts to play on opening night of the show; that is my peak moment, and the anticipation of this moment has kept me going through even the most difficult of times throughout the process of directing. Every character in the show has that moment towards which he or she strives to earn, and over time, they learn how much sweeter that moment is when shared with others. The Producers is about companionship, and how shared experience can enhance the elation felt when having reached the peak moment. The characters in The Producers try and try, and fail, and continue trying, and discover that it is not possible to reach the peak moment alone. It takes a great deal of effort from countless persons to put on a show, and like the characters in The Producers, I learned this firsthand over the past several months. The ideas I put down on paper several months ago were picked up by the experts in FYP, who kneaded and developed these ideas into a more beautiful piece of art than I could have imagined. Then, when it all comes together, and everyone feels the electricity in the air generated by the production into which we put hours and hours of thought, creative energy, and labor, we acknowledge the sensation within ourselves and within each other, and the effect is multiplied. The beautiful thing about the peak moment is that, despite the power of its anticipation, one cannot accurately predict a peak moment’s occurrence. It might not occur until well after expected, or it may happen before. The Producers is about the unknown, the unexpected. Max, Leo, and their friends certainly cannot anticipate the journey they will undergo. You can only plan so far ahead, and even then, life tends to take you by surprise. Had you asked me one day in March if I planned on directing this show in the fall, I would have said no – if you asked me the very next day, I would have told you that I already started writing the proposal! The Producers is a comedy, full on unexpected twists and turns, with the occasional waltz into absurdity. But that, too, is the nature of life. We cannot predict the direction life takes us. We cannot meticulously plan out the details of experiencing the peak moment. All we can do is truck on forwards, share our experiences with those we love, and, when the peak moment finally arrives, embrace it with pure, unadulterated laughter. To my dear, invaluable friends Katie Thompson and Ashley Gilroy, to the Production Staff and Technical Staff, and to the immensely talented Pit Orchestra, thank you for helping to produce what is possibly the most ambitious show FYP has ever done. To Olivia and Hannah, the best stage managers I could have asked for – you two have been absolutely indispensable in the rehearsal process. And finally, I am beyond lucky to have had the privilege of working with such a professional, talented, and spirited Artistic Staff and cast. Without their passion for theatre and for The Producers, there would be nothing but visions in my head with which to fill the stage. For those of you watching The Producers for the first, second, or seventh time, I urge you to heed my advice: Sit back, enjoy the ride, and laugh.

Producer's Note: Katie Thompson

When I walked into my first tech meeting for First Year Players three years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into—I just hoped that I would find a group of friends that liked theatre as much as I did. Little did I know that this group of friends would become my home away from home at UVa and that leading this organization has been one of my proudest achievements. It has been an honor to see First Year Players grow and change over the past 3 years. Each semester, I am in complete awe of the talent and commitment that each member of FYP contributes to the show. Our goal is always to produce a high quality piece of musical theatre, but our greatest accomplishment is to create a loving, welcoming community for all. If you are an actor, dancer, singer, painter, carpenter, trumpet player, fundraiser, or publicist, our First Year Players community is for you. This semester, we have faced new challenges and difficulties, yet every member has faced these challenges head-on and put their heart and soul into making The Producers an incredible performance. I would like to take this opportunity to express my overwhelming gratitude for those who made this show possible. First and foremost, I’d like to thank our Business Manager, Jared Morgan and Alumni Chair, Anne Jordan. You both have been by my side, supporting me through this entire process. I couldn't ask for better friends to lean on in times of crisis. To our Technical Director Ashley Gilroy, even though your work may be literally behind-the-scenes, your leadership and welcoming spirit shine front and center. Thank you for your ceaseless commitment to this organization and this incredibly technically difficult show. To the Production Staff, thank you for loving this organization and inspiring us all to push First Year Players to new limits. Alexis Cooper, you are a fearless leader for the pit and your love of music brings the show to life. Many thanks go to my dear friend and our director, Rishi Malhotra. When you came to me with this idea last spring, I saw the fire in your eyes and knew that you would do anything to make your dream a reality. Your moment has come, my friend, and I couldn’t be prouder. Finally, to the entire membership of FYP, thank you. Each one of you plays an integral role to this show and this community. I am truly lucky to consider all of you my friends. First Year Players is an organization that strives to produce high quality theatre each semester, and The Producers is no exception. In my final moments as Producer, I am honored to be part of such a fine organization that will continue to grow and flourish in the years to come. Thank you all for coming to support First Year Players as we proudly present our Fall 2014 Production of Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Enjoy the show!