Fall 2017: Pippin

Book by Roger O'Hirson, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

As told by a traveling troupe of actors led by the cunning and charming Leading Player, Pippin is the story of a young prince, heir to the throne, who is searching for his own “corner of the sky.” Pippin returns from university certain that he will find a fulfilling purpose in life. As encouraged by the Leading Player, Pippin dabbles in bloody battle, licentious and lusty sexual entanglements, and savvy political maneuvers, only to discover that true happiness is more complicated than he thought. With infectious tunes by Stephen Schwartz and classic choreography from Bob Fosse, Pippin is both a humorous allegory about growing up and a dark tale of the danger of false appearances and empty promises.




Leading Player








Brandon Bolick

Hannah Kornell

Doug Kulow

Chris Lang

Veronica Sequin

Amelia Lindsey

Julia Guarneri

Ludi Avagyan

Travis Short

Anna Demarest

Luther Fields

Alyssa Montalbine

Katie Morse

Jordan Smithson

Matt Peterson

Jacob Bagoly

Eva Petersen

Grace Gyamfi

Austin Rhea

Maddie Gereski

Lauren Hickey












Drum Set

Auxiliary Percussion

Darwin Walter

Caroline Li

Adam Naidorf

Melanie Piller

Catherine Weathered

DJ Exel

Noah Brenny

Josh Lisner

Isabelle Edwards

Barat Venkataramany

Aby Cenname

Jet List

Nathaniel Craft

Neil Mathur

John Perez

Wyatt Tinsley

Patrick Thomas

Assistant Tech Directors

Run Crew Chiefs

Sound Designers

Sound Assistant

Head Carpenter

Assistant Carpenter

Lighting Designer

Assistant Lighting Designer

Master Electrician

Assistant Electrician

Head Props

Head Hair/Makeup

Assistant Hair/Makeup

Head Paint

Assistant Paint

Head Costumes

Assistant Costumes

Set Designer

Jessika Washington

Abby Williams

Sydney Hainsworth

AJ Levy

Tanner Asmussen

George Pernick

Bram Ziltzer

Bryan Pedersen

Emily Williams

Matt Hoffman

Victor Blanco

Matt McDonnell

Olivia Comm

Catherine Melley

Macie O'Connor

Maame Sarpong Duah

George Pernick

Jakob Cansler

Andrew Shanes

Patricia Gallegos

Lyla Ward

Connor Young

Tess Driscoll

Kat McPherson

Peyton Evans

Juan Hernandez

Josie Suddeth

Sarah Bryan

Kate Giesler

Willow Cosenza

Corinne Johnson

Josh Gritz








Payton Moledor

Maya Ewart

Veronica Sirotic

Stephen Diggs

Tanner Asmussen

Lawrence Simon

Sarah Larson

May Hu

Emily Perkins

Mike Seay

Matthew Normansell

Danton Wein

Jason Rosenthal

Taylor Hawkins

Elizabeth Muratore

Bridget Curley

Gwynnie Powers

Mathieu Fondin

Lara Martinez

Christopher Johnson

Tina Schulte

Justice Allen

Emily Vaughan

Jessie Fidler

Alyssa Ryberg

Emmy Hilker

Isabella Whitfield

Besa Bucaj

Jack Dunkenberger

Sofia Ponos

Grace Bowie

Mindy Wei

Clay Tondreau

Lucy Hopkins

Gwyneth Sholar




Assistant Directors

Vocal Directors


Pit Director

Patrick Grant

Olivia Comm

Andrew Fernandez

Isaac Park

Caroline Schetlick

Arijeet Sensharma

Casey Breneman

Tara Opitz

Heidi Waldenmaier

Rachel McConaughy


Assistant Producer

Business Manager

Asst. Business Manager

Fundraising Chair 

Publicity Chairs



Alumni Chair


Technical Director

Nolan Reilly

Grace Bowie

Sarah Katherine Perkins

Maggie Barilka

Julia Landini

Carina Clawson

Elizabeth Steimel

Catherine Melley

Mike Seay

Tanner Asmussmen

Emily Sumlin

George Pernick

Olivia Tate

Aiden Carroll

Erica Comm



Director's Note: Patrick Grant       

I dedicate this production to every Pippin out there waiting to be pulled on stage. This show is for all you who are the protagonists of your own story, developing your plot line. This is for anyone who creates film scores with earbuds. It's for those in search of plumes. For all of you, Pippin draws a connection by the end of the show, one that I hope to make with this note.


The best stories demand to be told. They don't give you a choice. Within a month of joining FYP, I had a plan. I knew each step I would take toward directing Pippin. It felt meant to be: a musical about finding your corner of the sky in an organization dedicated to finding your place, an artistic design featuring proudly our warehouse-turned-theater, and even a pre-written role of our mascot, Ishy the Duck. I saw this show as my fulfillment, the grand conclusion to my college story. I was such a Pippin. 


Turns out I'm a lousy planner and life writes better than I do. Here I am, with the show of my dreams, after I got it all wrong. I dreamt of putting this show on stage. I saw an arc with Pippin as the finale, the conclusion of my journey. But that vision was missing something. Plot doesn't make a story great. Characters do. I love the show we're putting on stage, but I love even more the people who put this show on stage. I thank my artistic staff, our cast, Rachel and her pit, Erica and her technical staff, Nolan and his production staff, and the many other beautifully complicated individuals who gave this show life. I appreciate all of you. We've formed the relationships that power this show. Sets, costumes, and colored lights are put up and taken down. But it never was there. I think it was here. Thank you all, and enjoy the show.

Producer's Note: Nolan Reilly

Hello, and thank you for coming to our production of “Pippin.” We cherish the chance to share our hard work and our enthusiasm for musical theater with an audience, and we appreciate you taking the time to share this space with us tonight. As you will come to see, “Pippin” picks apart the essentials of typical storytelling. We follow a story within a story, with attention to both the characters and the players of “Pippin - His Life and Times.” Our Leading Player dances all over the line between observer and participant, egging on characters and occasionally dabbling in dark magic that moves the story ahead. “Pippin” treats traditional conventions of storytelling as guidelines, which creates for a unique theater experience. It’s exciting, fast-paced, confusing, and admittedly pretentious. Within all this ambition, however, emerges a desire to do things meaningfully, to tell a story worth telling by telling something completely original and subversive. Pippin goes through a similar journey across our story to find meaning in his life through extraordinary action and attempts to achieve greatness. Without spoiling too much, his story does not exactly pan out that way, and many see the show as making a statement on either pursuing greatness or happiness in order to find meaning. What I find in the story, and what I hope you find, is that it does not matter what we do, what matters is whether we decide that for ourselves. 


To everyone who worked on this show or made this show happen in some capacity, I am so grateful for your commitment, your enthusiasm, and your energy. Six semesters later and it never fails to impress me that we can turn this space into a theater and a home in less than a week. To Erica and the rest of your technical staff, I can never thank you all enough for all the work and dedication you show. To production staff, especially Skip and Liv as we close out our time in our positions, thank you for always being on top of things and for bringing new ideas to this organization. To Patrick, Rachel, the artistic staff, the pit, and the cast, congratulations on assembling such an engaging and entertaining show. To all of FYP, you have made this semester what it is today, and I am so grateful to have spent my time with you this semester.