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Fall 2012: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Music, Lyrics, and Book by Rupert Holmes

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a jaunty musical comedy mystery like no other. Performed by the hilarious cast of the Victorian Music Hall Royale, this show is based on Charles Dickens’s final tale - the novel he died before he could finish. In order to finish the plot and solve the mystery, this quirky cast of characters lets the audience decide how the story will end. Unlike most Dickens stories, this show is lighthearted and fun, with rip-roaring dance numbers, beautiful ballads, and a variety of intriguing suspects. There is a different detective, murderer, and pair of lovers each time, so every performance is a one-of-a-kind experience for all involved!

If you have additional photos of this production, please contact



Flute & Piccolo




Bass Clarinet



Andrew Vutsinas

Chi Chi Li

Meigan McManus

Jeff Hong

Brigid McDonald

Emily Cubbage

Maria Michael

Madeline Guthrie

Nadine Skaff

Amanda Ryan

Samantha Johnson

Milan Dhar

John MacLaughlin

Oscar Chow

Lawrence Dulay

Niki Hua

Caroline Burr

Steven Moore


Chairman/Mayor Thomas Sapsea

John Jasper

Edwin Drood

Rosa Bud

The Princess Puffer

Neville Landless

Helena Landless

The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle



Bazzard , Featured Dancer


Beatrice, Murder Shade

Stage Manager

Flo, Maid

Shade of Drood, Featured Dancer

Shade of Jasper, Featured Dancer

Featured Dancers

Horace, Featured Dancer, Murder Shade


Maid, Murder Shade

Citizen of Cloisterham

Mitchell Minahan

Zach Showalter

Rachel Mink

Willa Sweeney

Emily Yates

Rishi Malhotra

Jacqueline Ford

Tim Lewis

Dan Barr

Rob Edwards

Brandon Norris

Kelsie Zipprich

Melina Rapazzini

Vondrae McCoy

Elsa Schieffelin

Natalie May

Nick Mattia

Ana Mendelson

Amanda Diamond

Sarah Russomanno

Sean Donnelly

Andrew Barat

Brian Ammer

Nina Lukow

Lou Garcia



Asst. Producer

Business Manager

Asst. Business Manager

Technical Director

Alumni Chair

Fundraising Chair

Publicity Chair

Social Chairs




Nick Everington

Daniel Owen

Luke Brennan

MaryClaire Martin

Alex Cooper

Ryan Richardson

Emma Volpe

Anna McGrady

Kaitlyn Richardson

Samantha Hudgins

Peter Conklin

Alexandria Wishy

Daria Mosman


Asst. Technical Directors

Stage Managers

Set Designer

Asst. Set Designer

Master Carpenter

Asst. Carpenters

Lighting Designer

Asst. Lighting Designer

Master Electrician

Asst. Electricians

Co-Head Painters

Asst. Painter

Sound Designer

Asst. Sound Designer

Sound Advisor

Sound Managers

Co-Prop Mistresses

Head Costumers

Asst. Costumers

Head Hair/Make Up

Asst. Hair/Make Up

Run Crew Chiefs

Alex Hutcheson

Julien Guh

Kristina Wiles

Kyle Johnson

Beth Reagan

Kelsey Petrie

Thy Nguyen

Rachel Ford-Fink

Ryan Laychak

Olivia Hairfield

Alex Everington

Quinn Gomola Mullin

Emma Callahan

C.J. Whitaker

Brooke Kanarek

Jenna Li

Jackson Simon

Mary Kate Bailey

Ashley White

Katie Hofer

Kelly Strauch

Patricia Ona

Peter Hazel

Andrew Elliott

Maddy Brehaut

Ashley Gilroy

Tara Hotaling

Cherise Pack

Shannon Egan

Bethany Martin

Hilary Hylton

Riley Panko

Melissa Sanford

Sarabeth Vernon

Taylor Goodson

Katie Wilson

Julia Hurley

Erin Kelley



Asst. Directors

Vocal Directors

Co-Head Choreographers

Asst. Choreographer

Pit Director

Stephanie Lebolt

Lauren Lukow

Clay Shorey

Claire McKercher

Jimmy Edwards

Andy Grindstaff

Theresa Pazanowski

Paige Leslie

Becky Galt

Anna McMillen

Producer's Note: Nick Everington

On behalf of First Year Players, thank you so much for coming this evening! Whether you are an alumnus, parent or friend, it is your support that makes this production possible and worthwhile. In what appears to be somewhat of a trend, we are again producing a show that is currently on Broadway and if I can just say, tonight, you have made the right choice! First Year Players is so much more than a student organization. We are a family. As a seven-semester veteran I can safely say that FYP has become my home-away-from-home. The fact that FYP consistently produces such high-quality musical theater, and does it with so many smiles and so much laughter along the way is nothing short of incredible. The relationships we make in FYP are ones that we will keep beyond that looming May afternoon, they will stay with us forever. Whichever night you happen to e reading these notes, I can guarantee that there is a strong FYP alumni presence in the crowd, that is how much this organization means to its members.

As my tenure as Producer of First Year Players comes to a close I’d like to thank those that have made this journey so amazing. Steph, you have been a fantastic director and the passion with which you have approached this production is inspirational and FYP is lucky to have you. Alex Cooper, I don’t envy your job one little bit, but the pride you take in running the technical side of this organization is unparalleled and I am very grateful for it. Luke Brennan and Ryan Richardson, you two know how much you mean to me, you are the best friends a guy could ask for and I want to thank you both so much for everything you have given to FYP and to me. To the Cast, A-Staff, Prod. Staff, Pit and Tech, thank you for all your hard work this semester – it’s about to pay off!

Audience participation is not something we come across too often in musical theater. It gives both us and you an exciting opportunity to create what we would like to see. Tonight, you will have to make several choices so invest yourself in the characters, allow yourself to feel immersed in the show, the outcome depends on you!

Thank you all so much for coming and enjoy the show!

Director's Note: Stephanie Lebolt

“All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

For me, this is a show about human nature. So often we see the world as black and white, night and day, comedy and tragedy. We are raised on storybook characters defined by inflexible roles – the hero and villain, the damsel-in-distress and wicked witch, but these fantasies don’t speak to our true nature. For who among us is truly good or truly evil? As people, we collectively navigate a reality that is filled with complexity and fraught with uncertainty. It is the element of choice that gives us life and dimension.

Humans are unpredictable beasts. Prone as they are to rash decision-making, fighting, anger and hate – the possibility of civility, bravery, trust, and even love still remains. Tonight you will see a show about love. Tonight you will see a show about hate. Tonight you will see what happens when the one recognizes and accepts the presence of the other. Where entanglement, temptation, transfixion, and betrayal mingle, revelry ensues.

We invite you, dear ladies and gentlemen, to join us at the Music Hall Royale this evening for an exploration of identity, both mistaken and forgotten. As young people this road of definition is one who we all carefully steer. We ask for your participation and your indulgence, but we must earn your love. I would be remiss in not thanking my wonderful cast and artistic staff, all I can say is I owe them more than I could possibly mention.

So come on, let’s all be as vulgar and uncivilized as legally possible! Kick off your boots, loosen your corsets, and enjoy yourself!

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