Spring 2016: Cabaret

Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb, Book by Christopher Issherwood

Cabaret takes place from 1929-1930, a time when Berlin, in the midst of a post-World War I economic depression, is transitioning from a center of underground, avant-garde cultural epicenter to the beginnings of Hitler’s totalitarian regime and the rise of the Nazi Party. Into this world enters Clifford Bradshaw, a struggling American writer looking for inspiration for his next novel. On his first night in Berlin, Cliff wanders into the Kit Kat Klub, a seedy nightclub overseen by the strange, omniscient and gender-bending Master of Ceremonies, “the Emcee.” Here, Cliff meets Sally Bowles, a vivacious, talented cabaret performer, and an utterly lost soul. Sally and Cliff begin a relationship, which blossoms unexpectedly into a dream-like romance. As time passes, however, the situation in Berlin changes from exciting and vital to ominous and violent; Ernst, Cliff’s first German friend, turns out to be an up-and-coming member of the Nazi Party, and Herr Schultz, a fellow boarder at Fraulein Schneider’s guest house (and Schneider’s fiancee), is the victim of an Anti-Semitic hate crime. When he finds out that Sally is pregnant, Cliff decides that they must leave for America at once, before things get any worse. Sally, afraid, confused, and unsure that she’ll ever really be able to trade the sexy, illicit cabaret lifestyle for motherhood, gets an abortion, and tells Cliff that he must leave without her. With a distinctly Brechtian dose of provocation and a score featuring songs that have become classics of the American Musical Theater, Cabaret is a fierce, meaty musical that pushes the boundaries of the form and literally holds “the mirror up to nature.”


Cliff Bradshaw

Sally Bowles

Fraulein Schneider

Herr Schultz

Ernst Ludwig

Fraulein Kost










Herman / Max

Myles Stremick

John Costello

Gwyneth Sholar

Elizabeth Muratore

Jack Gereski

Drew McCarter

Carina Clawson

Nikki Pope

Sequoia Carrillo

Corinne Johnson

Tara Opitz

Alicia Zheng

Elizabeth Steimel

Patrick Grant

Genki Hall

Arijeet Sensharma

Nick Tully





Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone





Bass Guitar


Stefan Petit-Freres

Jonathan Yang

Maia Foster

Angie Ngo

Fiona Dale

Devin Garcia

Rachel McConaughy

Diana Renelt

Pete Hanner

Elliott Pillsbury

Leanne Poussard

Matthew Shih

Wes Gobar

Daniel Katz

Keenan Sochor

Penny Williams

Tanya Akl

Emily Shu

Garrett Spencer

Dixon White


Set Designer

Assistant Technical Directors




Stage Managers


Master Carpenters

Assistant Carpenters


Carpentry Consultant

Head Lighting Designers

Assistant Lighting Designer

Master Electrician

Assistant Electricians

Head Painters

Assistant Painter


Sound Designers


Head Costumers

Assistant Costumers

Props Master

Hair/Makeup Designer


Assistant Hair/Makeup

Run Crew Chiefs

Josh Gritz

Jordan Best

Erica Comm

Andrew Shanes

Zach Wilson

Jessika Washington

Abby Williams

Andrew Barat

Nicky Demitry

Nicholas Venturini

Patrick Bond

Olivia Comm

Chloe Downs

Becca Anderson

Mikaela Ruiz-Ramon

Sydney Hainsworth

Eliza Lane

Ashley Jordan

Anna Morgan

Noah Sauber

Anna Barr

Sabrina Herzing

Lily Siuta

AJ Levy

Emily Plunkett

Caroline West

Evelynne Fulda

Annabelle Castleman

Lawrence Simon


Assistant Producer

Business Manager

Asst. Business Manager

Publicity Chairs

Fundraising Chair

Social Chairs





Alumni Chair


Technical Director 

Angelica Botlo

Nolan Reilly

Kelsie Hendren

Kimberly O'Keeffe

Drew Friedman

Sarah Katharine Perkins

Stephen Diggs

Andrew Fernandez

Jack Nugent

Ben Andre

Holly Brooks

Jaclyn Lund

Maia Foster

Noah Sauber

David Silverman


Assistant Directors



Vocal Directors






Pit Director

Kolya Rabinowitch

Daniel Kingsley

Vondrae McCoy

Beth Watson

Pat Burns

Elsa Schieffelin

Brittany Bolick

Annie Frazier

Kyle Johnson

Juwan Palmer

Emily Kline

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