Fall 2016: The Addams Family

Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa, Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice

In the kooky, upside-down world of the Addams Family, to be sad is to be happy, to feel pain is to feel joy, and death and suffering are the stuff of their dreams. Nonetheless, this quirky family still has to deal with many of the same challenges faced by any other family, and the spookiest nightmare faced by every family creates the focus Lippa, Brickman, and Elice’s musical: the Addams kids are growing up. The Addamses have lived by their unique values for hundreds of years and Gomez and Morticia, the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, would be only too happy to continue living that way. Their dark, macabre, beloved daughter Wednesday, however, is now an eighteen year-old young woman who is ready for a life of her own. She has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke, a sweet, smart boy from a normal, respectable Ohio family — the most un-Addams sounding person one could be! And to make matters worse, she has invited the Beinekes to their home for dinner. In one fateful, hilarious night, secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and the Addams family must face up to the one horrible thing they’ve managed to avoid for generations: change.

Gomez Addams

Morticia Addams

Uncle Fester

Wednesday Addams

Lucas Beineke

Grandma Addams

Pugsley Addams


Mal Beineke

Alice Beineke


Parker Bach

Maggie Barilka

Tanner Asmussen

Tess Driscoll

Ian Fraser

Isabelle Andrews

Mary Royall Wilgis

Sidney Jennings

Chandler Collins

Grace Bowie

Gabriel Aguto

Casey Breneman

Aiden Carroll

Jack Dunkenberger

Maddy Goggin

Julia Landini

Sabrina Lingenfelter

Matthew McDonnell

Emily Perkins

Emily Sumlin

Clay Tondreau

Apollo Yong



Alto Sax

Tenor/Baritone Sax






Electric Bass



John Perez

Barat Venkataramany

Emily Williams

Ryan Berman

Devin Garcia

Jake Vanaman

Benjamin Nochimson

Adam Naidorf

David Zhao

Jack Harner

Caroline Cook

Lauren Phan

Rohan Sharma

Grady Tollison

Wyatt Tinsley

Wendy Pendleton


Set Designer


Asst. Technical Directors




Stage Managers


Master Carpenter

Asst. Carpenter

Head Lighting Designers

Asst. Lighting Designer

Master Electrician

Assistant Electrician

Head Paint

Sound Designers


Sound Assistant

Head Costumer

Assistant Costumer

Props Mistress

Assistant Props

Hair/Makeup Designer

Assistant Hair/Makeup

Run Crew Chiefs

Patrick Bond

Eliza Lane

Olivia Tate

Nolan Reilly

Anna Barr

Drew Friedman

Madison Karten

Yvonne Nguyen

Mikaela Ruiz-Ramon

Mike Seay

Hannah Umansky

Olivia Comm

Chloe Downs

Catherine Melley

George Pernick

Brian Morris

Andrew Shanes

Ashley Jordan

Hannah Russell-Hunter

Bram Ziltzer

Bryan Pedersen

Erica Comm

Mary Kate Stanfield

Katherine Donnally

Lily Siuta

Kat Gravely

Lara Martinez

Laura Chattin

Molly Wright

Emily Plunkett

Amrita Singh

Mindy Wei

Abby Williams

Grace Handakas

Hailey Disch

















Hair / Makeup

Joe Cooney

Galen Moore

Elizabeth Steimel

Corinne Johnson

Jordan Best

Whitney Cueva

Noah Sauber

Golda Houndoh

Sarah Larson

Patrick Grant

Josh Gritz

Colin Crovella

Emily Kline

Che Abrego

Ria Witteman

Liz Barr

Brendan Rogers

Elle Wimmer

Yanni Fallon

Sabrina Herzing

Hannah Hicks

Kate Giesler

Caroline Bereuter

Eden Hentschel

Anna Morgan

Carina Clawson

Tara Opitz

Nicholas Venturini

Peyton Evans

Grace Harders



Assistant Producer

Business Manager

Assistant Business Manager

Publicity Chair

Fundraising Chair

Social Chairs





Alumni Chair


Technical Director 

Angelica Botlo

Caroline West

Kelsie Hendren

Sequoia Carrillo

Carline Werenskjold

Erin Demane

Annie Frazier

Nick Tully

Arijeet Sensharma

Myles Stremick

Lawrence Simon

Elizabeth Muratore

Grace Harders

Maia Foster

Noah Sauber

David Silverman


Assistant Directors



Vocal Directors


Pit Director

Via Tovig

Jaclyn Lund

Jessika Washington

Patrick Rasmussen

Grayson Cody Harlow

Emily Sakowitz

Brady Mabe

Katherine Kettler

AJ Levy

Katie Penland

Jennifer Oates

Jocelyn Huang

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